Case Results

  • $1,300,000
    $1,300,000 Rear-End Collision Recovery
    The client was in a rear-end collision on Interstate 75 in Georgia. Multiple injuries to neck, lower back, knee, and wrist. Even though there was a pre-existing knee injury, this accident forced a new surgery on our client’s knee. Insurance company’s ...
  • $650,000
    $650,000 T-Bone Car Wreck Recovery
    Insurance initially denied liability in our client’s T-bone collision. After hiring an expert to determine liability on the part of the other driver, we settled the case before even going to court. Insurance company’s initial offer was $100,000. Our ...
  • $450,000
    $450,000 Tractor-Trailer Wreck Recovery
    Insurance company attempted to settle this claim multiple times for under $100,000 due to the minor impact to the client's vehicle. However, client suffered injuries which deserved much better compensation. Ultimately the case resolved for $450,000 ...
  • $350,000
    $350,00 T-Bone Car Wreck Recovery
    Client suffered neck and middle back injuries requiring extensive therapy and treatment. The collision occurred in North Georgia. We uncovered additional coverage which aided in our recovery of the $350,000.00 settlement for our client. Our client ...
  • $300,000
    $300,000 T-Bone Wreck Recovery
    Client was forced to undergo shoulder surgery as a result of the wreck. Client made a full physical recovery.
  • $250,000
    $250,000 Car Accident Recovery
    Cobb County; minimal vehicle damage. Client was rear-ended while coming to a stop for traffic. The damage to the vehicle was minimal, but the impact to the client was large. Client underwent extensive medical treatment to remediate the pain. ...
  • $225,000
    $225,000 Pedestrian Accident
    Client was a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle. Client suffered serious injuries, yet made a full recovery. A $225,000.00 settlement was achieved through both the at-fault insurance company and the client’s own UIM policy.
  • $190,000
    $190,000 Car Accident Recovery
    Family members were injured in a collision in Cherokee County while traveling on Highway 92. The vehicle was totaled. One claimant received a $190,000 settlement which was achieved from the at-fault insurance company. Multiple claims were made for ...
  • $150,000
    $150,000 Dog Bite Recovery
    Our client’s 6 year old daughter was playing in the front yard when the neighbor’s dog viciously attacked her face. Homeowner’s insurance company denied liability initially. After filing suit, an offer of $50,000 was made and we settled for three ...
  • $115,000
    $115,000 Negligent Security Recovery
    Our client was attacked while on commercial property (confidential). The Client suffered an injury to the eye and forehead from an attack by a third party. Attack occurred in an area known for high crime, and prior incidents of violence at the ...
  • $100,000
    $100,000 Car Accident Recovery
    Our client was involved in a rear-end collision with minimal property damage in Gwinnett County. Following our negotiations, the policy limits of $100,000 were achieved on the client’s behalf.
  • $100,000
    $100,000 Rear-End Collision Recovery
    Gwinnett County - Moderate vehicle damage. The client was rear-ended while traveling on I-85. The impact caused moderate damage to the vehicle. A $100,000 settlement was achieved from the at-fault insurance company.
  • $75,000
    $75,000 Tractor-Trailer Accident
    Our client was rear-ended on I-75 by a tractor-trailer. The vehicle was a total loss. The client received emergency care and treatment which included physical therapy and orthopedic intervention. A settlement of $75,000 was achieved.
  • $50,000
    $50,000 Car Accident Recovery
    Our client was involved in a serious car wreck and was left with a concussion. The policy limits of $50,000 were achieved on the client’s behalf.
  • $15,000
    $15,000 Dog Bite Recovery
    Our Client was a contractor scheduled to evaluate a homeowner's need for renovations. The homeowner's German Sheppard had known tendencies which indicated the ability to cause harm. Although our Client only suffered $289 in medical bills, a $15,000 ...

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