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When you are injured at a shop, restaurant, or even a private home, premises liability law may apply. Premises liability is a subset of personal injury law that applies when you are injured on someone else’s property. Just like personal injury claims, premises liability cases are based on negligence.

If someone created or failed to remedy a dangerous condition, and you were harmed as a result, Pritchard Injury Firm may be able to help. Our compassionate legal team is ready to hear your story.

Common Premises Liability Claims We Handle

Slip and fall accidents are by far the most popular premises liability claims. These claims apply when you slip or trip and fall due to a hazard on someone else’s property. For example, you could trip over a bunched-up rug in a retail store or slip on a wet floor in a restaurant.

Other types of premises liability cases include:

  • Georgia Dog Bite Incidents and Liability

Animal attacks do not always occur on someone else’s property, but when they do, premises liability law may apply. Click here to learn more about Georgia dog bite laws.

  • Protecting Victims of Negligent Security in Georgia

Any venue that hosts large gatherings of people or hosts individuals and/or families overnight should expect criminal activity. If these venue owners fail to provide security in these potentially dangerous situations, they can be held liable for the damages of crime victims. Consider, for instance, a concert venue that does not screen people for weapons despite an increase in shootings at concerts. If any concertgoers are injured, the venue owner could be liable. This legal tenet can apply to nightclubs without security, shopping malls, and even hotels that do not secure their entrances, exits, and security protocol in each room. Click here to learn more about Georgia negligent security laws.

  • Elevator and Escalator Accidents in North Georgia

Elevators can drop without warning, and elevator doors can open into an empty shaft or injure people as they enter and exit the vehicle. Escalators can entrap shoes or other articles of clothing, stop or accelerate suddenly, or yield unsafe gaps between steps. If you are injured on an elevator or escalator, it may be due to improper installation, negligent inspection, defective equipment, or poor maintenance. These conditions frequently lead to unsafe conditions and represent a breach of responsibility for property owners. Thus, elevator and escalator accidents may lead to premises liability claims.

  • Inadequate Fire Safety Measures and Your Rights

Property owners must adhere to city and state fire codes and be prepared for the possibility of a fire. Absent or defective smoke detectors, overcrowding, and other issues can cause injury if a fire breaks out. As a result, property owners may be liable for fires they start if they fail to prevent fire hazards or for any resulting injuries if they fail to protect property occupants.

  • Swimming Pool Injuries and Premises Liability in Georgia

When you swim in a pool, soak in a jacuzzi, or visit a water park, you expect to be safe from waterborne illness. Unfortunately, pool owners do not always practice proper sanitation protocol. If you develop norovirus, E. coli, or any other illness caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites, premises liability law can help you recover.

All swimming pool owners must also warn you about and/or help prevent drowning injuries. If lifeguards are present, for example, they must be attentive and well-trained, and if lifeguards are not on duty, you should be warned of the risks. Unsupervised pools must be blocked off, as well, so children do not wander onto the property and drown. If a pool owner fails to follow drowning prevention protocols, you may have a premises liability case.

  • Unsafe Conditions and Premises Liability Claims

In general, premises liability law can apply anytime there are unsafe conditions on someone else’s property. Poorly maintained premises can lead to hazards, as can unmarked construction and property defects. From toxic fumes and chemicals to leaks, fires, and broken stairs and flooring, any hazard you are not warned of can justify a premises liability lawsuit.

Where Premises Liability Incidents Occur

Premises liability claims can happen on any type of property. You could be injured on public property, government property, or private property. North Georgia is home to countless shops, restaurants, recreation areas, resorts, and museums, such as Allatoona Lake, Barnsley Resort, the Booth Western Art Museum, and the Tellus Science Museum.

If you are harmed while visiting or patronizing any of these hot spots – or even the home of a friend or family member – our Carterville premises liability attorney can help.

Free Consultation: Contact Our Premises Liability Team

Attorney Zach Pritchard is ready to put himself in your shoes and give you the legal advice you need during a free consultation. Once you become our client, our legal team is here to address your questions and concerns 24/7.

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How An Attorney Can Help

Georgia law has the most protection for “invitees,” or people who visit properties by express or implied invitation. When you are lawfully on someone else’s premises, the property owner has a duty to keep you safe. Our lawyer can help uphold this duty by holding violators accountable.

We can also help you recover from injuries you sustain by helping you obtain the resources you need via a settlement or verdict.

A successful premises liability claim can help you account for:

  • Medical bills
  • Time off work
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Changes to your quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Changes to your earning potential

Pritchard Injury Firm has a history of satisfied clients and real results. Let us give you a professional and stress-free legal experience and add your premises liability case to the list.

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