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Six Simple Steps for Injury Victims Paying Medical Bills in North Georgia

North Georgia borders four states, making it an invaluable hub for commerce, freight and transportation.  

The prestige stemming from the area can also lead to more traffic, visitors and development in cities like Woodstock. Woodstock is integrally located just 30 miles north of Atlanta, with I-575 running through the city and key points of North Georgia.  

This bustling activity can also increase the chances of accidental injury. A North Georgia injury lawyer can help you navigate the medical payment process while filing your claim. 

Seeking Medical Treatment 

Whether your catastrophic injury stems from a bicycle accident, dog bite or animal attack, motor vehicle collision or from a fall in someone else’s property, seek medical treatment.  

An ankle twist, for example, may feel merely uncomfortable at first. But the ankle is a critical joint and left unchecked, the injury could permanently impair the way you walk or run. Ultimately, disregard Taylor Swift’s advice, and do not “shake it off.”  

An assessment from a medical professional will help strengthen your claim, especially if the pain lingers or limits your ability to move or work.  

Filing An Injury Claim 

Consult with an injury lawyer in Woodstock or North Georgia at the same time you are seeking medical treatment. The lawyer will review your injury and your claim. Once the lawyer accepts guidance will begin on how you should continue to seek treatment, pay your medical bills and strategize for compensation in the event of a verdict, settlement or other resolution.  

Paying Medical Bills in North Georgia or Woodstock: Six Steps 

Moving forward after any injury can be challenging. Hospital bills and other expenses stack up quickly and your injury prevents you from going to work.  

Your North Georgia injury lawyer will guide you seeking medical treatment and paying medical bills. This will help ensure the costs do not become too burdensome, whether you are insured, underinsured or uninsured.  

Each injury is unique, of course, but some of the basics of the medical payment process include: 

Step 1. Continue seeking medical treatment. Follow up with your physician and/or rehabilitation care provider to continue the healing and recovery process. 

Step 2. Contact your insurance provider. Communicate with your insurance company about the accident. This way, in case they need to cover your medical expenses, they can also be compensated later by placing a medical lien on your settlement.  

Step 3. Keep your receipts. Digitize all receipts and medical records from each visit. This preservation of the evidence will provide a baseline for the cost of treatment to support your claim. It will also provide your North Georgia or Woodstock injury lawyer with a starting point for negotiations with the negligent party’s counsel or insurance company.  

Step 4. Negotiate with insurance companies. Armed with your medical records and receipts, your North Georgia injury lawyer should engage in negotiations with the at-fault party's insurance company. If the insurance company offers a settlement, carefully review the terms and consult with your attorney before accepting. Your North Georgia lawyer will ensure that the settlement covers all current and future medical expenses related to the injury. 

Step 5. Accepting the settlement. Once a settlement is agreed upon, the at-fault party's insurance company will issue a settlement check. This check is intended to pay outstanding medical bills and compensate you for other damages, such as lost wages, earning potential, pain and suffering and continued treatment. 

Step 6. Further payment of medical bills. Use the settlement funds to pay off outstanding medical bills. If there are medical liens or subrogation claims, work with your attorney to ensure these are resolved appropriately. 

Maintaining your physical health while protecting your rights might make you feel like you are underwater. Pritchard Injury Firm can help you find your way back to land. 

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