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Common Rear-End Car Accident Injuries In Cartersville, GA

If you’ve experienced a rear-end car accident, you know all too well the effects of such a collision.

First, you feel a jarring crash as another vehicle slams into yours. You feel your body lurch forward against your seatbelt before snapping back upright. 

You also know that the shock and pain of rear-ended collision injuries last long after you leave the scene of the accident. 

When you first experience a rear-end car accident, you may not think of pursuing a claim against the negligent driver who ran into you.

Yet, as your pain from sustained injuries persists and medical bills pile up, you should consider pursuing a claim. 

If you’re thinking about pursuing a claim or lawsuit for your rear-end accident injuries, you’re not alone. Here are a few facts about this type of accident:

  • Over 1 million drivers experience rear-end collisions each year.
  • Rear-end collisions are the most frequent personal injury accident.
  • Rear-end car accident injuries can result from slippery road conditions, following too closely, or texting.

Our personal injury attorneys specialize in recovering damages for rear-end collision injuries. We believe accident victims deserve injury compensation when they have been negligently harmed.

Rear-End Accident Injuries 

Are you surprised that you suffered such extensive injuries from a rear-end collision? 

These accidents lead to many troublesome injuries. Here are common injuries from being rear-ended:

Head and Neck Injuries

  • Whiplash. Upon impact in a rear-end collision, a victim’s neck snaps forcefully forward and back, causing whiplash. Most whiplash injuries heal within nine months, but 20% of whiplash victims suffer symptoms for years.
  • Head Trauma. Like whiplash, head trauma results from the victim’s head rapidly propelling forward. If the victim’s head impacts the steering wheel, windshield, or another hard surface, serious head trauma results. Airbags help, but they do not always completely prevent head trauma.
  • Concussions. Emerging research on traumatic brain injuries shows the potential long-term consequences of these injuries. An accident victim may not immediately realize that he or she has sustained a concussion. Concussion symptoms may take days to emerge. An accident victim should always take concussion symptoms seriously.
  • Loss of Consciousness. An accident victim who experienced loss of consciousness probably sustained a concussion. The victim should seek medical attention to check any potential brain injury.

Face and Body Injuries

  • Swelling and Bruising. While mild compared to other common injuries from being rear-ended, swelling and bruising bring discomfort. Seatbelts save lives, but in the process, they leave bruises on the victim’s chest and shoulder. 
  • Lacerations. When a victim collides with sharp glass or metal, rear-end collision injury may include lacerations. If severe enough, lacerations need suturing or even plastic surgery. This type of injury may permanently disfigure the victim. 
  • Broken Bones. Injury to the bones of the face and nose brings particular discomfort. If a victim’s nose, teeth, or jaw breaks, his or her ability to smell and eat may suffer. 
  • Arm Injuries. When a rear-end accident occurs, the victim instinctively braces for impact. This bracing usually includes a firm grip on the steering wheel with extended arms. The position places the arms in a vulnerable position, leading to wrist sprains, arm fractures, and shoulder dislocations.

Do You Need an Attorney for Your Rear-End Collision Injury?

You may think hiring an attorney for your rear-end collision injury seems unnecessary. 

However, you deserve someone on your side who will fight for your right to injury compensation. 

Hiring a personal injury attorney offers you the following advantages:

  • Takes over paperwork. Filing injury compensation claims requires filling out legal documents. An experienced attorney knows how to file legal forms to give you the best chance at recovering damages.
  • Becomes your investigator. You need to know what happened in your rear-end collision, and your attorney will help you find out. Your attorney contacts authorities and interview experts to build your best case.
  • Mediates with insurance. Your attorney communicates with the defendant’s insurance company. An insurance company may try to intimidate you, but your attorney regularly talks with insurers. Your attorney will attempt to secure out-of-court payment from the insurance company. 
  • Navigates legal channels. If the out-of-court negotiation attempt doesn’t work, your attorney files a lawsuit. Your attorney calculates damages, files court documents, and places you in the best position to receive a maximum damages award for your rear-end collision injury.

Start Your Rear-End Accident Injuries Claim Today

At Pritchard Injury Firm, we help car accident victims understand their legal rights following rear-end accident injuries and obtain the compensation they deserve. 

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